# Wallet


# Send Transaction


This operation brings the user to the send confirmation popup:

"Send confirmation popup"
"Send confirmation popup"

# Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required
address A layer 1 address to send an asset to Bech32Address True
baseCoinAmount The amount of the base coin to be sent Integer Required if tokenAmount is NOT specified
tokenAmount The amount of a specific token to be sent Integer Required if baseCoinAmount is NOT specified
tokenId ID of the token to be sent HexEncodedString Required if tokenAmount is specified
tag An optional data field to tag outputs with an index HexEncodedString False
metadata An optional field that is interpreted by higher layer applications HexEncodedString False
giftStorageDeposit An optional field to remove the Storage Deposit Return unlock condition (which may be added by Bloom for dust and native token transactions) Boolean False
disableToggleGift A flag to prevent users changing the gift storage deposit field manually Boolean False
disableChangeExpiration A flag to prevent users changing the expiration unlock field manually Boolean False
disableChangeTimelock A flag to prevent users changing the timelock unlock field manually Boolean False

# Link

The deep link structure is as follows:


Example: Send 1 SMR to



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